Glebe Primary School


The Week Ahead 9th June 2024

Dear Glebe Families,

Happy Sunday 😊  I hope you are all doing well. Lots of great sporting events now and coming up so for you sports enthusiasts, especially football, the excitement is building!  

Thanks again for the positive engagement and feedback regarding end-of-day dismissals.  A couple of parents/carers suggested a one-way system, and another voiced the frustration if they arrive a little late and their child has gone to the back of the line, especially if there are siblings to collect.  It will be impossible to have a perfect system for all 400 families at Glebe, but we will keep monitoring and observing. Any changes will be communicated to you in advance. 


1. A few bits to be aware of:
MONDAY: Y1 Phonics Screening Check (and some Y2s) throughout this week; Y2 parents/carers invited to the music performance at 2.30pm in the Main Hall.

WEDNESDAY: 6pm we meet NEW NURSERY families starting in September

THURSDAY: 3pm-6pm, we host your PTFA Summer Fair!  It will be on the field (weather permitting) with access via our car park.  Please see the School Ping sent last week for more details.

As always there is a screenshot of the next two weeks attached to this Ping!


2. Children have thoroughly enjoyed their first week of MAGNA running our Extended Schools Club (breakfast and after school)! MAGNA are separately OFSTED registered and must comply with the law – even though it is at Glebe, MAGNA must have completed their own registration process with YOU as parents/carers. Just phoning and saying “I want my child to go today” without any registration is not allowed. This is why we encourage all families to register in advance (for free) in case you ever need the service:  Similarly, we cannot just share the details we hold for your child with them.

I also remind parents/carers to be punctual when collecting their children at the end of the day.  A rare occasion may happen when you are late, but if it is a regular occurrence, you need to use the paid service like other parents/carers do by registering with MAGNA please.


3. We have a few spaces left for the current Y2-Y5 to start music lessons from September 2024. If you would like your child to take part in learning RECORDER, VIOLIN and INDIAN MUSIC, please email as soon as possible.


4. Our CUSP Curriculum ART WEEK is coming soon! From a week tomorrow (Monday 17th June) we will be exploring your child’s creativity through art. Y3 and Y5 parents/carers had a Ping sent last week regarding needing help with materials – anything you can send in will be appreciated.  This will culminate in our ART EXHIBITION on Friday 21st June at the end of the school day.  My thanks to Mrs Khan and the team for leading this for us!


5. Oh…did we mention the SUMMER FAIR on THURSDAY this week! 3pm-6pm. Please attend and contribute to our valuable community fundraising!   


On the horizon...
* We have our virtual Parent/Carer Forum at 5pm on Monday 17th June to share updates with you.  Details on the ZOOM link shared next week; also remember we are CLOSED on 4th JULY as we are a polling station.


Week ahead weather:
An unsettled week of sunshine and showers and not feeling especially warm!   Where is summer?!?!


As always, if you have any concerns or queries, use our communication guide so we can respond as soon as possible to:

Enjoy your day!

Sash Hamidi

Consultant Headteacher

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