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The Week Ahead 5th May 2024

Dear Glebe Families,

As much as we all love working at Glebe, there is also something lovely about not having to set the early alarm for Monday morning this week (I hope that applies to you too)!

Your feedback was appreciated so these weekly updates shall continue, with our Glebe Gazette being a monthly round-up and those all-important diary dates. A good suggestion was a screenshot of the diary dates each week too, as parents are busy people and little reminders really help, so we shall add them in. I have attached a copy of the Glebe Gazette to this message!

1. To help with our lunchtime systems for children with packed lunches, from TUESDAY we will have a lunch trolley for each year group by the doors in the playground, so children can put their lunches straight onto the trolley and it is wheeled to the hall ready for them at lunchtime by Mr Mario. At the end of the day, the trolley will be in the playground for children to pick up their lunchboxes as they leave. To help this system to work, please ensure your child’s lunchbox is clearly labelled with their name and class, and remind them when you collect them from school!

2. We know you want to capture memories of your children more, so moving forward we want trial you taking photos/videos of your child’s performances in school. Please note you must NEVER put images or videos of other parent’s children onto ANY social media platform without their consent. If we all respect this, we can all enjoy capturing those special memories of your child’s time at Glebe. Feedback to if you have any concerns.

3. Y5 have a Science Dome workshop on WEDNESDAY morning. We sadly have had to postpone Y4T’s class assembly – this will now be on Wednesday 5th June. (And by the way, Y2G’s assembly last week was so heart-warming – well done!)

4. On FRIDAY we host a free parent/carer coffee-morning – everyone welcome! I will be there along with Mrs Patel, Lucy our in-school counsellor and other staff to have a cuppa and chat! I won’t be baking but I am pretty sure we will have some cakes and biscuits too! 8.50am-9.20am on Friday in the main hall to talk about your ideas for our Glebe children.

5. With 600 children and hundreds of parents including some with little toddlers, can we ask you to support us in ensuring your children DO NOT SCOOT, OR RIDE their bike in the playground please. It is greatly appreciated as we want to avoid any potential accidents. Thanks in advance.

On the horizon... * From Monday 13th May our Y6 children have their SATS tests

Week ahead weather:
Summer is coming! After a little drizzle at the start of the week we should have warm summer-like sunshine! Finally!

As always, if you have any concerns or queries, use our communication guide so we can respond as soon as possible to:

Have a great Bank Holiday Monday and we will see you all on TUESDAY!
Sash Hamidi
Consultant Headteacher
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