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The Week Ahead 2nd June 2024

Dear Glebe Families,

I hope despite the grim weather you have had a fun half-term with your children.  I was fortunate to be in Spain for a friend’s 60th birthday and felt an immense sense of gratitude for having great friends, seeing the sea and feeling the sun.

Attached to this School Ping is the latest version of your Glebe Gazette!  Please take time to read it carefully and always let us know if you have any questions.


1. As highlighted over the past few weeks from tomorrow, MONDAY 3RD JUNE, our end-of-day pick-up procedures are changing (see attached photo). More details are in the Glebe Gazette. Change is always tricky but we need everyone to work with this to see the safer impact for our children – and patience will be required!  The key changes are:

  • the gates will NOT open until Reception to Y2 are in their new pick-up places
  • we are relocating bike/scooter shelters to the entrance gates
  • there is a waiting zone which we need parents/carers to respect and stay within

When your child is at the front of the line, you should step forward to the railing, signal to the teacher, and collect your child.  If you need to speak to the teacher, hold back until the last child has been collected.

This will require cooperation between parents/carers and PATIENCE! 

If you are not there, your child will go to the back of the line, supervised by staff and you will need to wait until they come to the front.  This ensures the adult at the front has safely and confidently handed your child to the correct adult.  Staff and leaders will be around in orange high-visibility jackets to help guide you.  Thank you so much for your attention and participation.

FOR MONDAY AND TUESDAY THIS WEEK, please DO NOT bring Scooters or Bikes to school as we get used to this new system and need longer to relocate the shelters – it was a tougher job than we thought in half term!  Please share this with whoever collects your child and use any WhatsApp groups with other Glebe parents/carers to ensure everyone has seen this information!

2. This month, our Y1, Y2 and Y4 children have their national statutory assessments – keep practising with them and focusing on reading. We do not want your children feeling stressed so lots of positivity, please! Please refer to the School Ping sent to you last month about these assessments. 


3. From tomorrow MONDAY 3RD JUNE, MAGNA start running our Extended Schools Club (breakfast and after school). Two meetings have been held and reminders were sent out last week - from tomorrow we will start in our new location of the MAIN HALL, with pedestrian access via the CAR PARK (not the main entrance). We encourage all families to register in advance (for free) in case you ever need the service: 


4. Our Community event is on THURSDAY 13TH JUNE from 3pm-6pm. It is the PTFA GLEBE SUMMER FAIR! Have a look at the Glebe Gazette for more details.  Please do attend and help us raise funds for our Glebe children.  We have lots of ideas of how to do more with IT, playground activities and creative projects and this fundraising can be an absolute lifeline for our school.  Pop it in the diary, bring your friends and family, and let’s make this the best event we can, together.


5. It was interesting that when the Council Parking Enforcement CCTV Car was outside the school, NO PARENTS PARKED ILLEGALLY (see photos!!!)! This means we all know what the right thing to do is to ensure our children and families can safely cross the narrow and potentially dangerous road outside our school. Please, be a positive role model for your child, model the British Value of “Rule of Law” and do not park outside our school.    


On the horizon...
* Your children have chosen NEW CLASS NAMES for the 2024-25 academic year rather than the class name being the teacher’s initials – we will share their creative new class names soon!


Week ahead weather:
Monday and Tuesday will be a bit overcast and possible showers, but we have summer warmth and sunshine from Wednesday onwards!

As always, if you have any concerns or queries, use our communication guide so we can respond as soon as possible:

Enjoy the sunshine today and see you tomorrow!

Sash Hamidi

Consultant Headteacher

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