Glebe Primary School


The Week Ahead 28th April 2024

Dear Glebe Families,

What a cold, sunny and blustery weekend! I hope you have all found some warmth and enjoyment as we see out this Spring weather!

Now I do need to get a formal newsletter out to you all next week - it is on my to-do list! Or do you prefer this weekly School Ping? Let me or any leaders know when you see us in the playground this week (and check in with other parents they have School Ping for us and are checking it!).

1. A reminder that we are CLOSED on THURSDAY. We are a Polling Station. Please do use your vote and take your child with you when you vote, to model the democracy they will inherit when they are the adults of tomorrow. And don't forget you need to take photo ID to vote - details on the Harrow Council website: We will send home learning tasks on Google Classroom by the end of Wednesday for your children to do on Thursday. Thanks for your support in advance.

2. After a fabulous Y5 class assembly last week, it is the turn of Y2G - they have their class assembly on Wednesday at 9am. I look forward to seeing Y2 children and Y2G parents on Wednesday in the Main Hall!

3. There will be additional School Pings coming out to parents in Y1, Y2, Y4 and Y6 explaining the statutory assessments/tests for their child's year group. Look out for them and please ask us if you have any questions.

4. Also look out for a School Ping signposting parents to help and support and information to help you as parents. Parenting is hard and there is no text book to give you all the answers on how to do it best - so use the courses and support available to you and don't forget we have Lucy our Counselling Manager in school on Fridays to provide support for parents too. Also be proud of yourself - your children are amazing!

5. Thank you to the parents who completed the survey shared last week. I have your views and will be making contact with you over the next week! Some lovely feedback on the things you love about Glebe too, including the friendliness of staff, the care for your children and the improving communication. Thanks for the feedback!

On the horizon... * don't forget after next week we are closed on Monday 6th May as it is a Bank Holiday!

Week ahead weather: Warmer and sunnier at the start of the week but from later on Wednesday those pesky showers are back!

As always, if you have any concerns or queries, use our communication guide so we can respond as soon as possible to:

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and we will see you all tomorrow!
Sash Hamidi
Consultant Headteacher
Glebe Primary School..."Making a Positive Difference"