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The Week Ahead 12th May 2024

Dear Glebe Families,

A glorious weekend for warm and sunny weather and seeing the captivating northern lights in the skies of Harrow and across the UK! #gratitude

Thanks to the parents who attended Friday’s coffee morning with me, Mrs Patel and Lucy our Counselling Manager (“The Space”) – the parent’s positivity and passion for Glebe to be the best it can be, was inspiring to hear. We chatted about ideas around PE kits and house teams, class names, parents volunteering in school opportunities, and ensuring we communicate a detailed progress report on what we have done since OFSTED and what we are looking at for the 2024-25 academic year. This will form part of the Governor’s Summer Term Newsletter to you.

1. Your support in stopping SCOOTING AND BIKE RIDING in the playground has been appreciated – please let relatives who do drop-off and pick-up know too, as a few were unaware when we spoke to them last week. Also, thanks for the LUNCH BOX TROLLEY support. Once we close the gates at 8.50am, the trollies are taken inside to the dining hall for your children - please remind them to pick up their lunch box at the end of the day from the playground!

2. It is a special PIRATE THEMED lunch on Thursday! You should have received a separate School Ping on this. Please book ahead so your child can enjoy this fun food day! Details of the menu are on ParentPay.

3. From MONDAY 3RD JUNE (after half term), MAGNA will be our partners running our Extended Schools Club (breakfast and after school). I am delighted we are keeping our same staff, same prices but the MAGNA team will be able to offer more resources and activities for our children plus MAGNA staff will also join our Glebe team. Details are on the attachment, and from tomorrow parents/carers can start booking for their child:

4. Our Year 6 children, and Year 6 children across the country, are taking their SATS next week. All leaders are involved in the administration and invigilation of these tests, so we may not be available in the mornings next week – if there is something urgent then let the office know and we will come back to you as soon as possible. Thanks to all our staff and children in advance for keeping noise levels low to give our Year 6s the best chance. YOU CAN DO IT Y6! Y6 can come in for breakfast from 8.15am, via the main entrance.

5. We remind parents that the YELLOW LINES OUTSIDE the main entrance must not be parked on - this applies to both sides of the road. The council sign displayed (see attached photos) is clear that parking there between certain times of the day is breaking the law. I appreciate start of days can be busy, but cars parking and blocking the zone outside the entrance is not only against the law, but also it is stopping our children safely crossing the road. We ask you to please park further away or if possible, walk to school if you live within a 15-minute walking vicinity. Your support with this is appreciated.

On the horizon... * Feedback from staff and parents/carers on the end of day pick up in the playground, means we are going to look at a different model for after half term. We will work on it this week and communicate it next week so everyone knows what to expect from 3rd June.

Week ahead weather:
The warmth stays but expect a wet Tuesday and showers Thursday afternoon and Friday.

As always, if you have any concerns or queries, use our communication guide so we can respond as soon as possible to:

Enjoy the sunshine today and see you tomorrow!
Sash Hamidi
Consultant Headteacher
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